Managing Your Profile

This section of our Help Center covers the ins and outs of your Crewlist profile, how to edit your profile and what you can do to make your profile more effective.

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What is my Crewlist profile?

Your Crewlist profile is a modern day résumé that updates itself. It is the primary source of information about who you are, what you do, where you are based, and how people can contact you.

Unlike social networks, your Crewlist profile is not a place for other people to leave messages or share media. You have total control over what information is and is not shared on your Crewlist profile.

What information should I share on my Crewlist profile?

A well-balanced Crewlist profile, like a good résumé, is a powerful tool to communicate and connect with potential employers. We recommend that you include the following information on your Crewlist profile:

  1. Work History
    Crewlist automatically generates your work history from your bookings and gives you the ability to manually add credits to your profile. Arranging bookings through Crewlist gives your work history more credibility.
  2. Roles
    It goes without saying that letting people know what you do is a good idea, but we'll say it again anyway. Adding roles to your Crewlist profile makes it easier for people to find you.
  3. Profile Photo
    It's always nice to be able to put a face to a name, and adding a photo of yourself to your Crewlist profile makes people more likely want you on their crew.
  4. Bio
    This is where you can write a bit about yourself in your own words. Be sure to balance professionalism and personality here, and keep it brief. Your life story is interesting, but this isn't the best place for you to share it.
  5. Contact Information
    You want to make sure that the people who visit your Crewlist profile have a way of getting in touch with you. While sending job offers through Crewlist is a powerful method of direct communication, giving people a way to contact you via phone or email is always recommended as well.
  6. Location
    Crewlist gives you the ability to easily share your hometown and current location. This makes it easier for you to connect with local filmmakers, wherever you are in New Zealand.
How do I manage my Crewlist profile's work history?Can I choose to not share my email address on my Crewlist profile? Can I choose to not share my phone number on my Crewlist profile?

How do I manage my Crewlist profile's work history?

Your work history is automatically generated by the bookings that you arrange through Crewlist. The projects that you have worked on will be credited in your work history, and link to their corresponding Crewlist project profiles. Below is an example of a credit for a project that was booked through Crewlist.



Credits for these projects are directly linked to your bookings, so any details of your bookings are reflected by their equivalent credit. If you would like the details of a credit to be changed, please contact the manager of that project or request a credit. To prevent credits from being displayed on your profile, go to Edit Profile > Work History > Booking Visibility.

You can also manually add credits to your work history for projects that have not been booked through Crewlist. These credits will appear on your profile, but will not be linked to a Crewlist project and will not affect your experience level. Below is an example of a credit for a project that was not booked through Crewlist.