This section of our Help Center covers how the Crewlist subscription platform works.

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How do Crewlist subscriptions work?

Your Crewlist subscription allows you to access Crewlist's services. Your Crewlist account starts with a free 30 day trial, after which your subscription will renew at the start of each month. If your trial ends before the start of the next month you will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month.

What different Crewlist subscription plans are there?

Crewlist has 3 different subscription plans:Basic, Pro and Ultra. Below are the details of each plan:

Skills & Qualifications?
How many skills & qualifications you can display on your Crewlist profile
10 Unlimited Unlimited
Gear Items?
How many gear items you can display on your Crewlist profile
10 Unlimited Unlimited
Job Alerts?
How many Job Alerts you will be able to receive per subscription month
5 Unlimited Unlimited
Incognito Browsing?
Can you hide your search and profile-viewing activity from other Crewlist users
Personal CV?
Can you add your personal CV to your Crewlist profile
Manage Businesses?
Can you manage businesses on Crewlist
Dark Mode?
Can you enable Dark Mode on Crewlist
Search Result Prioritisation?
Can your profile be chosen for the top slot in People search results
Job Alert Priority?
Are you amongst the first to receive job alerts
Job Application Receipts?
Do you receive notifications when your job applications are read
Monthly Subscription?
All prices are in NZD$ and include GST
$19.99 $29.99 $49.99

What happens when my Crewlist subscription is suspended?

When your subscription fails to renew due a billing issue it will be suspended. While your subscription is suspended:

  • You will not be able to use Crewlist's services
  • Your Crewlist profile's visibility will be limited
  • Your access to Crewlist Jobs will be limited