FlowState FPV - Drone Pilot

Drone Pilot, Drone Operator, Drone Technician, Assistant Aerials Coordinator, Systems Engineer

Currently in New Zealand

Based in New Zealand

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A seasoned FPV pilot available for hire and consultation.

I am able to assist with building custom FPV quad / octo-copter(s). I am also able to assist your aerial team with custom rigging, as a pilot, spotter, technician, operator or consultant on FPV aerial shots.

Indoor and outdoor arial filming is possible.

Camera options which I have ready for use include action cameras, deceased action cameras (ideal for indoor shoots and when flying close to talent) and 360 degree cameras.

i am able to custom make or offer guidance on building rigs to carry specific payloads (cameras and equipment).

Comfortable with long term shoots, short term projects (eg live arial streaming of events) and anything in between.

I like to have as much notice as possible for projects. If your just starting to think about a location, reach out early on during your planning phase. I am able to assist with determining shoot feasibility early on in the creative process. Ready to offer advice on the practicality of dynamic camera movements.

Rates for consultation, equipment rental, services (eg pilot, sporting, etc) depending on shoot (risks, value to client)


GepRC Mark VI Mini-Quad

A small 5" FPV mini quad with a stiff yet light weight carbon fibre frame. Capable of lifting small action cameras. If you are seeking dynamic shots then this is a great choice.

You can hire me as the pilot with this equipment. I am not currently renting out FPV equipment. However, I am happy to consider this if there is a demand.


GepRC Cini Log 25

A CiniWhoop with 2.5” propellers with prop guards and foam bumpers. Ideal for filming in tight spaces, indoor flying and manoeuvring close to talent. Capable of lifting a deceased action camera or similar camera (of around 30g in weight).

On this small aerial platform, a deceased GoPro Hero 8 is my preference.

You can hire me as the pilot. I am not currently renting out FPV equipment. However, I am happy to consider this if there is a demand.


DJI - Mavic Pro Platinum

This is a quad-copter with a 3-axis gimbal and built in camera. It is fine for shots with plenty of light and where zoom fictionality is not required. There are dual remotes and I can offer a realtime video feed to an iPad if required. Includes myself as a pilot.

NZ$500.00 / day